Breaking barriers.
Unshackling Complexity.

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Breaking Barriers.
Unshackling Complexity.

Revolutionizing Educational Experience with Interactivity

Revolutionizing Educational Experience with Interactivity

Students role is not restricted to viewing alone. You are the actors yourselves.

Experience ‘Revolution’ in education through interactive experiments to learn even most complex concepts of Science.Experiment with science behind common occurrences in your classroom or in your living room.

What you see is what you learn! Focus is on “learning” – not studying. Per the age-old saying,” if I give you a fish, you get a day’s meal ; if I teach you how to fish, you get a meal everyday for a lifetime”.

We transform static pages from monotonous theories  to lively interactions.

At Escavel, we are attempting to engender a digital transformation in education, one institute at a time.  We are developing immersive, interactive content using 3D and mixed reality technologies. Our products are designed to significantly improve visualization of complex concepts, thus enabling easier understanding and intensifying the overall learning process. We are associated with some of the top school brands in India as we progress on our ambitious journey. 

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